The Gentlemen’s Room

A colonial style room

When planning the design of the themed rooms as Haus8 was being converted into a hotel, the patron Mrs Kugler-Oestergaard discovered a number of old paintings on the attic of Haus8, which she had restored. The pictures inspired the different styles of décor in the themed rooms.

Among the restored paintings, there was also a painting with a heavy, dark wooden frame depicting a ship at full sail. Another picture depicts a larger-than-life Bismarck. The idea for the Gentlemen’s Room was born: A very popular colonial style room with dark wood and leather furniture. The main feature of the room is a beautiful big chess table with figures that bring the game to life. Enjoy the view of the beautifully landscaped Hogarten8. A further highlight is the free-standing bathtub behind the headboard, which invites you to relax.