Grenzhof Design and Philosophy: The focus is on the guest

Hotel & Restaurant Grenzhof is located in a hamlet between Mannheim and Heidelberg and is a family-run business already in its fourth generation. We provide alternatives to the monotony of the hospitality industry at our four-star hotel and gourmet restaurant: on the plate, in the ambience and in terms of training.

“The little things make all the difference”

Ulrike Kugler, Managing Partner

Concept and vision

The special history of Grenzhof and the family tradition are what make the hotel unique – and both are central elements of our strategy. The cornerstone of our approach is not a ready-made marketing strategy but rather an actively practised host identity, where the guest immediately feels at home. Tradition is lived at Grenzhof, though without any dusty, outdated narrow-mindedness. With the charm of personal attention, professional service is a matter of course. A modern marketing concept incorporating the soul of the family and a love of the host culture – always in the spirit of the hotel’s tradition.

Our concept

An alternative to the monotony of the hospitality industry

The stylish atmosphere can be felt in every room at our four-star hotel. Our claim to quality at Hotel & Restaurant Grenzhof is reflected at all times on the plate, in the ambience and in the training of our staff. Our credo is: The focus is on the guest. Your well-being is our goal. We see Grenzhof not only as a place where guests like to stay, meet and celebrate, but where they always feel welcome and well cared for.


Family-run by the fourth generation

Grenzhof is now run by the fourth generation of the Kaiser family. The family developed the village eatery into a prestigious restaurant that is well-known far beyond Heidelberg’s boundaries. The former guest rooms have been expanded into a comfortable boutique hotel. Ulrike Kugler, née Kaiser, and Robert Kaiser continue to work on the unique “Grenzhof” identity and to successfully continue the family tradition today.

Social responsibility

Training and leadership with a sense of proportion

Competent and friendly staff are one of the hallmarks of Grenzhof. Inner attitude and approach to the profession are decisive in selecting our staff. Only those who do their work with dedication and joy can give our guests the attention required in line with our values. Therefore, our staff should always be part of the Grenzhof family, no matter where they come from.